What Are The Symptoms Of A High Blood Pressure?


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Blood pressure can be defined as a measure of the force of the blood exerted on the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is an abnormal condition when the blood pressure of a person is found to be much higher than normal.

The most important factor to be noted with regard to high blood pressure is that most often, this condition causes no specific symptoms. However, a few symptoms are generally associated with high blood pressure. Persistent headache is mostly found in patients suffering from hypertension. Dizziness is another tell-tale sign of a patient suffering from high blood pressure. Some patients also suffer fits or complete black-outs when blood pressure rises very high.

Some people suffering from hypertension experience blurred vision. However, vision loss might occur due to a number of other reasons also. Another commonly found symptom of high blood pressure is low libido. People suffering from hypertension lack sexual desire when compared to people with normal blood pressure.
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High blood pressure is a strange condition because, although it is very serious, it usually has no symptoms at all. People who have it are completely unaware of it, unless the blood pressure rises very suddenly, or is extremely severe. People with severe high blood pressure or a rapid rise in blood pressure may also experience headaches, blurred or impaired vision, fits or black-outs.

The lack of symptoms make it very important that people's blood pressure is checked regularly, particularly as they get older. If the problem is detected early on, it is possible to make lifestyle changes to reduce it, or, if necessary, to start drug therapy to reduce it.

People whose high blood pressure is not treated have an increased risk of major illnesses including cardiovascular disease ((angina, stroke, heart attack or atrial fibrillation),
kidney damage and problems with their vision because of damage to the blood vessels in the eyes.
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High blood pressure cause no symptoms at all.  That is why you need to have regular physical exams, at which time your blood pressure will be checked.  High blood pressure causes heart attacks and stokes, among other things.  If that is your first hint that you have high blood pressure, you have waited far too long.
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It is believed that a lot of people suffering from a high
blood pressure do not know it. You have to do regular checkups to know if you suffer
from it. Some symptoms include: Irregular heartbeat, blood in the urine, acute
headache and chest pain. Hypertension can lead to heart attacks if it is not
treated on time.

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The are number of symptom are given by high blood pressure...when u feel fell tension, headache and roaming head ...At that situations are  related to high blood pressure... We cant find out the blood pressure easily ..because it becomes high and low some times ..based  upon the some symptoms we can find out easy...or check your blood pressure levels with BP monitoring machines...the normal range of the blood pressure is 120/80..high blood pressure rate is more than 140100 ..if its more than 140 consult your doctor general physician....

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High blood pressure is also known as silent killer & also referred as hypertension. Initially high blood pressure does not show any symptoms but at certain levels people might be exeprience with following symptoms:

1. Chest Pain

2. Dizziness

3. Headache

4. Difficulty while breathing

5. Blurred vision

6. Nose bleeding

Impact of blood pressure can be avoided if it is detected early & treated on timely basis. To achieve this regular medical health checkup  is required.

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