What Are The Diffrent Causes Of High Blood Pressure?


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Anxiety also causes you to have high blood pressure. ie; during a panic attack. Adrenaline causes your blood pressure to raise. Back in one of my classes, we'd do these exercises, like run up and down the stairs and take our partners blood pressure and see how much it'd increase and boy did it!
If you're in a rush to get into you doctor's office, and just put out a cigarette, then yes you're going to have a higher blood pressure than someone who has been sitting there for 15 minutes waiting for their name to be called.
(My blood pressure averages 110/50)
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There are numerous causes which could lead to high blood pressure, the medical term for which is hypertension. Some of the typical environmental factors would include (the obvious) salt intake, your alcohol intake other stimulant intake and also obesity. Some of the other environmental factors would include your family size, choice of occupation, even excessive noise exposure and something as simple as crowding.

Salt sensitivity is one of the most documented causes. Renin also plays a role. Some other known factors would include insulin resistance and sleep apnea.

What you need to note is that hypertension accounts for one of the most widespread complex genetic disorders. If you find that you don't really exercise, follow an unhealthy diet and are under stress, you know you are at risk.

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