What Does Syphilis Look Like In The Throat?


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Syphilis begins with the appearance of a small sore known as a chancre, located at the point where syphilis has entered the body. The chancre is commonly no bigger than three centimetres in size, firm to the touch and usually causes no pain, although it can sometimes be slightly tender. It can takes as little as 10 days to emerge, or as long as three whole months, however on average the chancre will appear within three weeks of contracting the disease.

There are three or four stages of syphilis. The first is the benign looking spot on the area where the disease first set up camp, as it were. If left untreated at this stage then the disease will move into a secondary phase, which is a lot more noticeable, painful and damaging with symptoms like skins rashes, aching and fatigue, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and sores in the mouth.

Once through the secondary stage there may occur a latent stage of the disease where there are no symptoms present yet the body is still infected. Tertiary syphilis, despite the confusing name can be the third or fourth phase of this potentially brutal illness, which can do damage to the organs, brain and spinal chord.

A graphic illustration of the symptoms of syphilis in the throat wrriten by Isaac W. Young, MD can be read at although given the date of the publication it may be prudent to keep in mind there may have been a few advances in understanding the disease since then.
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Syphilis in any part of body is look like a bad blooded wound and it is due to some infection. If the ratio of syphilis increases in the body then it looks like bloody rashes. You can get more information from following link.

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