Does Syphilis Cause Diarrhea?


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Diarrhea is not usually one of the most common symptoms associated with syphilis, but if you have noticed significant changes in your bowel habits you could be suffering from another condition. If you are at all worried or start to develop any of the usual symptoms associated with Syphilis, do not delay booking an appointment with your doctor today.

Syphilis usually develops in stages, although not all the symptoms need to be present and the stages can overlap with each other or happen at different stages.
• Primary Syphilis: The first signs of infection can appear any time from ten days up to a few months after contracting. The first sign is usually a small, painless sore that will be found in areas on the body including the anus, vagina, penis and mouth. Some people may have swelling in their lymph glands.
• Secondary stage: Left untreated, the condition can develop into the secondary stage. The initial sore may have disappeared but other symptoms may soon start to develop. This may include a non-itchy rash, headaches, fever, weight loss, pain in the joints.
• Latent stage: This stage is particularly dangerous as you will probably exhibit no symptoms but you will remain infected for months or even years after first contracting the infection. During this time, you could pass the condition on to any sexual partners.

If continued to be left untreated, syphilis could even cause death. So even if you are not exhibiting all of the above mentioned symptoms, it will do no harm in checked out by a doctor.

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