Does HPV Stay In Your Body Forever?


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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a generic name, there are over 100 strains of the virus. There is no "cure" but there is treatment, and there is also now a vaccine (for the types that can cause cancer) that any woman who falls in the approved age range should get.

Most HPV types that infect the genitals tend not to cause noticeable symptoms. A study found that, during 2003–2004, at any given time, 26.8% of women aged 14 to 59 were infected with at least one type of HPV (including those that are harmless). Genital HPV is the most common sexual transmitted infection in the United States. About 6.2 million Americans will get infected with genital HPV this year.

It may really depend on what you have, or think you have. I would recommend that you visit your doctor for a pap smear and appropriate treatment. They will also advise you on how long to abstain from sexual contact, if at all, for.
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Hi, ive just found out that I have hpv virus, the thing is though, 4 months before I found out about it, I went to the gum clinic and they said I was fine, ive been with my partner for a year now and even before him I had a partner but I was always carefull, my partner has just recently found out that he also has it. So I don't really get it

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