Should You Pop The Blister That Forms On A Spider Bite, Or Let It Pop Itself?


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If you have been bitten by a spider and the bite forms a blister, you should seek medical treatment.

Do not pop the blister yourself, or you could risk spreading infectious pus to other parts of your body - or to another person.

Leave the blister alone, and see a doctor, who will prescribe you the medication needed to reduce the swelling.

Should you pop a spider bite blister?
  • Most spider bites do not result in blisters, though some do - including those of the fairly-common brown recluse spider.
  • This spider's bite comes out in a fluid-filled blister, which may also form an ulcer once it has popped.
  • Some people can experience bad reactions to the bite of a brown recluse spider, and it would therefore be advisable to see a doctor in this case, especially if it is a child or elderly person who has been bitten.
  • Although yours sounds like a bite from a brown recluse spider, it could have been from a number of different species of spider. If you can remember what the spider looked like, then that will help the medical professional deal with your bite more effectively.
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Well, I only had one spider bite, and I popped it - but it had to be popped about 4 or 5 times before it went away.

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