I Have Skin Blisters On My Hands. They Start Out A Blister The It Pops The Fluid Is Clear. Then Its Itches And Bleeds And Turns Into A Scab. I Have Been Under A Lot Of Stress Lately At Work?


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It's probably Dyshidrotic Eczema. It starts in the sweat glands of the hands or feet. Applying lotion and such will not help. You need to see a Dermatologist for Rx creams that will heal it. They aren't sure what causes this, but some speculate it has to do with high stress.

BTW, it's not contagious and you really can't prevent it. If you can't see a doctor, cortisone creams will help.
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This may be a disease called leprosy or something like that
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try looking at the condition pompholyx, it is said to be triggered by stress and often looks like several blisters on the hand, which scab over. it only occurs on the hand sometimes on the feet. i have it and it often gets worse when i'm stressed and is very painful. but yes if it doesn't clear up go to your gp

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