Can People With Genital Herpes Give Blood Or Donate Organs After Death?


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The American Red Cross says it's OK, as long as you are not donating during your first outbreak. The recommendation is also that you refrain from donating during recurrent outbreaks, for your own health. If you wish to give blood during remission, your local blood bank should be happy to take your donation! As far as organ donations, living donations (usually between relatives) are much more restrictive than donations by the deceased. Usually, the herpes has to have been dormant for a long time and you must be in very good health to undergo this major surgery (and the drug treatment that will follow). There is nothing that automatically eliminates you from being an organ donor, although transplant teams make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.
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I have been abused my biological father gave me genital herpes and i am fifteen and willing to help other people but one qustion is it really safe to donate?

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