If A Woman Has Herpes, Can She Still Donate Her Eggs?


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You can still safely donate eggs when you have herpes without infecting the recipient - but most centers will be unwilling to carry out the procedure regardless.

Your STD infection would need to be disclosed to any potential recipient, and this would likely turn them off the idea of accepting your eggs.

Can I donate my eggs if I have an STD? Although I'm no professional, I'd think you might have a hard time getting a fertility clinic to accept your egg donation if you've got an STD, especially one that is as serious as herpes.

I did a little research on the topic, and there are certainly forums out there that seem to think you stand a pretty good chance of finding a clinic that'll buy your eggs as long as your herpes isn't active - but from a financial point of view, that doesn't make sense to me.

Fertility clinics look to buy eggs (or accept them in return for a monetary 'donation') with the intention of selling them on to recipients at a profit.

If they feel that something about you will hinder their ability to sell on the donated eggs, it wouldn't make much financial sense for them to invest in you.

Does having herpes mean I can't donate eggs?

According to The EggDonorCentre.com, the tests and screening you have to go through to donate your eggs is pretty thorough.

In most all cases, it'll involve some sort of STD test - and herpes is one of the illnesses that will show up on this test.

The fact they test for this kind of disease suggests that having the disease might be a stumbling block to your egg donation plans.

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Yes, you can donate eggs if it's possible in your country, because herpes does not spread to the ovaries.

HPV, HSV1 and HSV2 STD and can affect both partners.

If a women has herpes and blisters are present at the time of delivery, then there are chances that this may be transferred to neonate but rarely.

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