How Do I Know If I Have A Blood Clot In My Leg?


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There are typical signs to watch out for with a blood clot in the leg. These signs will include pain, swelling and heat. There might be a bluish or whitish discoloration on the skin of the leg that is affected. Redness of the skin could also occur. When you have a blood clot the leg pain will worsen when you bend your foot. Leg cramps could also occur, especially at night. The pain of a blood clot normally starts at a slow pace. Some patients will not have any symptoms. The causes of a leg blood clot could include trauma within the blood vessels, hypercoagulability, and also changes in the normal flow of blood for example a partial or complete blockage of the flow of blood.

Prolonged sitting and prolonged rest, obesity, recent childbirth, heart attack, high altitudes, the Pill, HRT, advanced age, inherited genetic blood clotting conditions, recent surgeries, and certain heart or respiratory conditions could also lead to a blood clot.

Patients will normally be prescribed anticoagulants that thins the blood and helps to prevent any future blood clot. On rare occasions, ‘clot busting’ medications might be needed to dissolve a blood clot. When a patient cannot take any coagulants then a filter is placed into a vein to prevent any future blood clot. A thrombectomy could be performed when the blood clot is obstructing the blood vessels.

To prevent any blood clot forming it is best to reverse or avoid risk factors. Obese patients should lose weight, legs should be elevated when sitting or lying, prolonged immobility and sitting should be avoided, and high doses of estrogen should also be avoided unless absolutely necessary. A sequential compression device or special stockings can be worn. Most leg blood clots will resolve by themselves. Some upper leg blood clots can cause an embolism in the lung which can sometimes prove fatal.
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I have had a pain in the calf of my leg for several days and now my whole leg aches. It does ache around my knee also. Could this be knee problem or a blood clot. I'm 79 years old. Thank you.
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I have pain in my legs they feel like they are asleep and tingling.I feels better when I stretch it, and its only on one side my left.
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I have had a warm feeling off and on the front of my calf and it is internal and it doesn't hurt. It feels like someone put a warm rag on my leg for a few seconds and then it goes away. It was only doing this sporadically but now all the time. Anyone know what this could be?
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If you have a blood clot in your leg then you will have pain and swelling. But don't take a risk go to doctor they will do a vascular ultrasound of your leg
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Some swelling on left leg and bruise outside skin. I have had pain in leg for about
three months.

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