What Can And Cannot Eat When I Have A Blood Clot In My Lungs?


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They can't eat cake of any flavor no ice cream of any flavor no sweets at all
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when you have a blood clot in your lungs,then it is better for you drink water as you can. for example juices ,fruits shakes, drinks, milk,and fruits like mallon and water mallon are good for your diet.

It is very important for you to use mallon shake because it make your using thin and you feel better.Ispaghoul is also good for your health you can eat it with yought or with hot milk
Yought,lasi, apricot are also very useful for your health.

You should also be very careful about your diet mean you should have to eat less spicy food and also less oily food.Meat, chicken, fish are not good for your diet.Green vegetables like pumpkin ,lady finger, garbage etc are good for your health and try to make these vegetables in olive oil and use only salt and black paper.

And the most important thing is that try to drink at least four glass of water without your mouth wash early in the morning each and every day and try to do morning walk after fajer prayer , INSHALLAH you will be recover soon.

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