What Causes Pain And Burning On The Bottom Of Your Feet?


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There are a variety of things that can cause the souls of your feet to burn and become extremely painful.

The best thing to do is visit your doctor who can take a look at your feet and give you a correct diagnosis. This way you will receive the correct treatment for the condition that is giving you so much pain.

One of these causes may be down to Athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a very common condition and the treatment is very simple. On average more than 1 in 5 people get this condition 1 or more times in their lives. Athlete's foot to look at will be itchy, scaly, possibly crackling and definitely very red, all of this is caused by a fungal infection that can be prevented from returning allowing you to enjoy perfect feet without further worry of re-infection.

Another typical cause of burning feet is Peripheral Neuropathy; this is caused by nerve damage in the feet. It is often described as a 'pins and needles' feeling but burning, numbness and tingling are also other common issues. The biggest cause of this illness is actually diabetes so if you are not diabetic then you need to get to your doctors and get checked for both.

There are other conditions that can cause the soles of your feet to begin burning and if you have any of them treatments are available that can improve the burning sensation that has upset you so much, these include;

Alcohol Abuse

Heavy Metal Poisoning


Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Circulatory Disorders


As you can see this is not an exhausted list and there are even some prescription drugs whose side effects can include itching and burning of the feet. So in all cases you need to visit your doctor and tell them everything because even other symptoms you may not have put together, may able your doctor to put them all together and give you an exact diagnosis.
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There are several causes of pain and burning feet. You might have sensitivity to the socks and its fabric. The insoles might be hot as well.

To find various other reasons, please see the link below:

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There is a condition called Plantar fascitis, which can make your feet extremely sore and tender. esp if you have on them all day.
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Once every two weeks the bottom of my feet hurt a lot that I can't even walk.  Why is it? Now they're starting to get swollen
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If I lean on the side of my left foot I get a severe burning sensation to that side of the foot
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If your talking about when your feet are in shoes or socks, then the heat and sweat and the texture rubbing against the bottoms of your feet will make them burn. When this happens, use a wet cloth and wipe them down. Theres some kind of powder you can buy to use also at most drug stores, Good Luck !

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