What Causes Knots On Bottom Of Feet?


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There are number of reasons why one gets knots and bumps. This can be through poorly fitting shoes or in women wearing heels that are just too uncomfortable. This results in callouses, corns and other types of painful bumps and skin-related problems on the feet.
As the skin rubs from tight pressure on painful shoes this leads to an excessive irritation and results in the thickening of the skin or callus. These areas are due to a prominence of the long bone behind the toe, called the metatarsal bone.
When there is a malalignment of these bones, one or more of them may become propionate and there are also things such as bunions, where the skin protrudes from the corner of the toe as the skin has grown so much.
When this occurs, the weight-bearing force across the bottom of the foot is disturbed. Weight is not evenly distributed across the ball of the foot, and these areas absorb greater pressure. The excessive pressure often forms this thickening of the skin. Other skin lesions that can occur if not wearing the correct shoes are things such as plantar warts, porokeratoses and inclusion cysts. You will need to go to a chiropodist or make an appointment with a specialist in order to alleviate the situation and find a suitable remedy which may include surgical excision of the mass skin area.
Simple excision of the mass without removal of the entire ligament generally results in recurrence of the mass. Whenever surgery is considered to be the last resort the patient will be required to wear a functional foot orthotic following the surgery. This pad aids the loss of the plantar fascia and its effect on how the foot functions.
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Could be a planter's wart, my father told me to peel the dead skin on the top, didn't hurt but there's little black sesame seeds in them
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Sounds like planters(plantars) need to see a doctor for treatment and see if it is really a plantar wart..since I am not a doctor...

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