What Could Cause Pain Under The Bottom Of The Feet, Even As Soon As You Wake Up The Next Morning?


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I have pain under my heal and my feet little lump under feet extream pain all the time
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My mom has high arches and wears insoles, she also has one leg longer than the other and wears a small lift in her shoe. She had pain in her feet in the mornings too and put a pillow under the covers by her feet thinking the weight from all the blankets were making things worse and it helped. A friend of mine swears by zcoil shoes www.zcoil.com
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It is most likely that you are on your feet so much. I would try those z-coil shoes if you can find them, or try an insert to soften your impact from standing and walking all the time. If this doesn't help, then at that point I would see your doctor about it, hope this helps.
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Easy question to answer. You have Plantar Faciitis. This a condition caused by shorting of the muscles of the affected side. You have an area on the bottom of you foot where a tendon attaches. The calf muscles and a few others in this area are too tight. If you'll feel the backside of you leg just below the knee in the middle of your leg, put some pressure with a finger and flex your foot. You should feel some movement of the affected muscles, it may be tender. If this is the case, you need to stretch this whole area. Get a book, a 2x4, or anything you can to start doing some toe raises and turn around and do some heel raises. Heel & toe raises; place the ball of your foot on the book with most of your foot hanging off, and for heal raises, just the opposite. Get someone to massage the back of your leg will help a lot also. The 1 thing I know for sure, your body is not lacking "insole deficiency". Good luck

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