What Does It Mean To Have A High Wbc And High Neutrophils (absolute) Count?


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I have the same thing, and have had it since 2006. I was seeing a hematologist for a year, and at the time, I was given the diagnosis of non-proressive leukocytosis, which essentially means I had chronic high WBC.  They did lots of tests for a year, found it non-progressive, but said it could be a myeloproliferative disorder. The tests on my blood at the time indicated it was not P-Vera, nor JAK2, leukemia, or anemia, which left mylofybrosis.  However, should my results change, who knows what I'll have, if anything.

Hopefully your doctors are getting you to a hematologist, who will do the appropriate tests to determine what you have.  

BTW, according to my test work, the ref.rnge for WBC is 4.1 to 10.9 K/uL and the Grand total of neutrophils s/b 2.0-7.8 K/uL

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