What Illnesses Cause A High Absolute Monocytes Count?


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Monocytes are white blood cells that are found in the immune system. They have very important roles to play and about half of them are found in the spleen. There are instances wherein monocytes register a much higher count than the normal. In cases like these, infections are easily detected and their presence can signal certain disorder such as the following:

1. Tuberculosis. This pulmonary disease that affects the lungs is characterized by a higher monocytes count. Those who are suffering from this disease on its advanced stage experience chronic cough and sputum is tainted with blood. This is an infection that seldom shows any symptom unless it is already on its advanced stage.

2. Anemia. Primarily, anemia is caused by a significant decrease in the red blood cells. Instead, the presence of a much higher monocytes count is prevalent. Usually, those who suffer from this kind of condition always feel weak and over fatigued.

3. Viral disease. During blood samplings, those who have very high monocytes count are tested for viral diseases. There are hundreds of viral diseases but the most common ones are those that can be easily transferred from one person to the other. For instance, sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea are among those that are highly communicable.

4. Parasitic disease. Other forms of infectious diseases that are classified by the presence of high monocytes count in the body are those that are caused by parasites. Normally, parasites do not cause diseases except for a few such as hookworm and protozoa. These are acquired by having poor hygiene and unsanitary condition at home. Sometimes, contact with animals, pets and those with people who are also infected by these parasites can also be a cause for acquiring this type of parasitic disease.
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