Could A High Lymph Count And Low Neutrophil/wbc Indicate Anything?


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White blood cells or WBC type of blood cells which fight against infection. Their normal blood levels are 4.0-10.2. Your WBC levels of 3.8 are low. Decrease levels of WBC indicate week immunity. It can be due to autoimmune disorders like lupus, liver and spleen disease, bone marrow failure, radiation exposure and presence of cytotoxic substance in the blood.
Neutrophil are type of WBC. Their normal levels are 40-75% of white blood cells. Your levels of neutrophil are 23 which are low. This can be due to dietary defficiency, Aplastic anemia, bacterial and viral infections, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Lymphocytes are also type of WBC and their normal levels are 20-40% of the WBC (1000-5000). Your levels of lymphocytes are 77 which are high. This can be due to bacterial and viral infection, Lymphocytic leukemia and
Multiple myeloma.
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My son had  a slightly low blood count and a report said he has cervicle nymph nodes. Is there anything to worry about?

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