Why Do Some Men Go Bald And Not Others?


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Generally it is thought that baldness is associated with a genetic link from the mother's side of the family. So if a mother's father was bald then her son is likely to go bald. This was only discovered a few years ago. Until then people had thought that if the father were bald the son would also go bald.
Various theories used to be expounded, such as poor diet, a stressful lifestyle etc would all cause baldness. Some people used to think that it was a circulatory problem and that massaging the head would help prevent hair loss (in fact it may actually have speeded up the process).
Some women may also experience baldness or extreme thinning of the hair. This can be caused by chemotherapy or medication/stress, but sometimes after the menopause women experience hair loss. This is due to the hormonal fluctuations which occur during the menopause.
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Baldness is an attribute which occurs during loss of hair in certain areas, mainly on the scalp. The most widespread appearance of baldness is regular hair thinning conditions called androgenic alopecia. The cause and the effect of the baldness differ greatly on certain conditions: it varies from the male and female pattern of alopecia.

Occurrence of pattern baldness fluctuates from population to population based on diet and personal habits. The male pattern of baldness is specified by hair thinning from the cross sides of the forehead know as "receding hairline" or "receding brow". An extra bald patch may appear on the vertex. The main reason for this type of baldness is loss of DHT which is said to be a powerful sex hormone. The means by which DHT accomplishes this not yet explained or understood.

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