Am I going to go bald? My mother's father is bald and one of my uncles are 36 and balding, my other uncle is 30 and not balding.


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Dear Adam Connor,

Mae West was an expert on baldness, and she will help you here:

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My Uncle started going bald at 17 years old! I dont know but I wouldnt worry about it since it hasnt showed its shiny cap yet.

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If your family members are bald, it is more likely that you will experience the same situation. However, some home remedies can help you, I bet.

You can follow one of the tips below for preventing baldness:

1. Ginseng

2. Sesame seeds3. Hot water4. Olive Oil5. Onion juice6. Garlic7. Egg8. Coconut Oil9. Massage

If you want to know more details about those remedies, you may like to read the article Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Women

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This is interesting:

Male pattern baldness affects 80% of men younger than age 70. It occurs when hair follicles shrink, and grow tiny hairs that are only viable for short periods of time.

Researchers are zeroing in on a new potential cause of male pattern baldness, and their discovery may pave the way toward more effective and targeted treatments.

According to the study, bald men tend to have an abnormal amount of a protein called prostaglandin D2 on their scalps. This protein and its derivatives block hair growth.

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