Why Is My Tongue Red And Burning?


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It seems as if you have some kind of infection in your mouth so try to do following things I hope this will help:

• Chew sugar free gum
• Do Listerine gargles
• Try to use baking soda for brushing your teeth instead of toothpaste
• Avoid hot and spicy foods
• Eat foods rich in iron
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Hello Amberd, Maybe you are having a reaction to some medication? Or maybe it was something you ate? You should go to a doctor just to find out what it is, and besides it sounds like it needs medical attention, before it worsens. Take Care
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Tongue or mouth cancer has symptoms like  red or white patches on the tongue, sore throat which does not go away, pain on swallowing, Sore spots on tongue which don't go away. Mouth numbness, Unexplained bleeding from tongue and Pain in ear. So if you have these symptoms then visit to oncologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Other reason of red/white bumps on tongue is burning mouth syndrome. Symptoms include tongue burning, mouth dryness and taste problems.
In my opinion, you have to go to your family physician and get proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Please see for really good, clear information on Burning Mouth Syndrome.

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