Why Is My Tongue So Porous And Pitted?


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With any medical concern such as this it is always highly advisable to see a doctor. They will be able to examine your tongue and tell you what could be causing it to be so porous and pitted.

Although it is probably best to seek advice from a doctor first, a dentist could also be an appropriate person to go and see. As many oral problems such as this could stem from dental issues.

It may well seem easier to try and find out what could be wrong online than troubling a doctor but this strategy is not recommended. Many of the advice online does not originate from medical experts and symptoms for a serious disease can be very similar to something a lot more mild. Therefore you can end up scaring yourself and believing you have something life-threatening when in fact it could be a minor medical condition that is easily treatable.

Early diagnosis is key to any recovery and so the time you waste looking online and not heading straight to the doctors could end up being crucial. If you cannot physically get to your doctor or dentist straight away then it is still worth ringing them up and describing your issues. They will be able to give advice on the next step you should take but it is likely that they will request an examination before committing to a diagnosis.

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