How Can I Catch Hepatitis B?


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Hepatitis B is the name of a viral disease which mainly affects the liver and is caused due to the Hepatitis B Virus, also known as the HBV. Hepatitis B has been identified as endemic in the country of China and many other segments of the Asian continent.
Symptoms of the disease comprise of inflammation of the liver, jaundice, and in rare cases it can even be fatal.

Hepatitis B is mainly transmitted by way of contact to bodily fluids which have the virus in them. This comprises of sexual contact which is not protected, blood transfusion, reuse of infected needles, etc.

The principal course of transmission depends on the dominance of the illness in a particular region. For example, in low prevalence regions like the USA drug abuse through needles and unsafe sex are the main ways by which the disease is transmitted.
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Can I catch hepatitis b through cutlery?as I,ve just found out my friend has it and has been coming over to my house for coffees and meals?if so how long can the virus live for out of the body on cutlery and how hot would the water be to sterilize the cutlery have to be?do you advise to get immunized against it\?

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