What Does It Mean If You Poop Clear Liquid?


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This is a strange symptom indeed, but there’s no need to worry. This is perfectly normal and is just a way in which your body keeps you healthy, and keeps you alive. It looks like you are recovering from either a bacterial or viral infection. When an individual suffers from either a viral or bacterial inflammation within the abdominal area, the body does everything that it can to get ride of all the waste products in your body. This includes the waste product found in your stomach and intestine (or your ‘gut’). It does this to completely eliminate and eradicate the source of the infection.

Vomiting, as well as diarrhea, will quickly become watery given the sheer amount of bodily fluids that will actually be reduced. These two symptoms are the tools that the body has to use to get rid of problem substances in the body. The infection can be eradicated if the body is able to get rid of the source through either vomiting or diarrhea.

In cases of extreme diarrhea and vomiting, you will experience the symptoms that you are experiencing. The anus can become raw and sore after a number of different instances of flushing the waste out your body, too, so don’t worry about any more problems. Sore parts will heal and your body will soon be one the mend, as soon as the infection is gone.

If you have suffered from an infection and it appears to be the cause, then don’t worry. You are perfectly normal and you are perfectly healthy " at least you will be once you’ve finished getting rid of the infection out of your system. If you haven’t had an infection then this could simply be down to you taking some kind of medication that has a laxative effect - or food that does the same.
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It could be a number of things:

1. You may have the flu.

2. You ate something that your stomach didn't agree with.

3. Or you have a virus in your intestines and your body is trying to get rid of the bacteria by using acid liquid, (thats why your poop is yellow liquid)
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This is not a major symptom that you have been mentioned above.You must focused on your diet because this is due to digestive system.

There are home remedies for vomiting, through which you can get plenty of remedy for vomiting, instantly.

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Depending on the situation surrounding the discharge. If you engaged in anal sex, then it could be the lube that he/she used. If the discharge comes during a bowel movement it could be mucus because of the pressure . Remember the anal region has thin lining.. Hope that helps..

-Will RN
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You get this from being sick from the flu or something.. Its just extra-fluids. Coming from the rectum.. And having a bad case of direa,,    take care.
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Is the discharge smelly? IF so it's most likely the dogs anul glands.

Other then that is most likely  a vet visit.
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You pee where you poop and you poop where you pee

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