Can You Cure A Bladder Infection Without Antibiotics?


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The human body susceptible to thousands of different infections and diseases that it can pick up easily on a daily basis. A bladder infection is a common infection, especially for women, and there are a wide variety of different treatments that can be used to combat it. If you visit your local doctor they will no doubt prescribe you with a dose of antibiotics. This is clinically proven to be the best way to cure a bladder infection quickly and effectively and therefore if you can get access to antibiotics and you are not allergic to them then this is the best avenue for you to go down. However, if you cannot get access to antibiotics or you have allergies to penicillin then you can go down the more natural route. You must first drink a large amount of water to begin to flush out the bacteria from your system. To do this successfully you will need to consume around eight pints of water per day minimum, this may seem like a lot but you will need this amount to flush out the toxins. Cranberry juice is another fantastic product for combating bladder infections; it must be 100 per cent pure cranberry juice though with no added sugar. If there is sugar in the cranberry juice then the sugar will actually make the infection worse. The combination of water and cranberry juice in large amounts should help to combat the disease. However, if the symptoms persist you should see a doctor as it can lead to a kidney infection and this is much more serious.
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There are millions of women out there not able to get antibiotics. So obviously there are other solutions than doctors and antibiotics. I recently had a bladder infection and used homeopathic remedies to cure it.

My suggestion:
* Drink about 1 - 2 gallons of water to start clearing the bacteria out of your system. I.e. 1 glass of water ever 10 minutes, for about 2-4 hours.
* During the onset go to the bathroom as much as possible, sit on the toilet for a couple hours if need be. I watched a movie on my iPod.
* Every half hour or so place a warm washcloth on your genitals to relax the tense muscles
* Take some ibuprofen or Tylenol (for pain)
* Take a multivitamin to get vitamin C into your system (this helps the acidity in your urin)
* Try a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, durring the onset (also helps with the acidity in the urin - evening it out)
* Purchase Echinacea Purpurea in tablet form and take 1 twice a day for 10 days (rather than an antibiotic) THIS IS AN IMPORTANT INGREDIENT!!! Can also be substituted for Chaparral. They can be found at a vitamin shop or all natural food store.
* Drink REAL cranberry juice (100%). Not ocean spray or high sugar juices. Sugar feeds the bacteria so cut it out of your diet too!
* Continue to drink water. The more you flush your system the better it will be!!!

Good luck and take care
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It does depend on how severe it is. Most the time water and cranberry juice only work for a urinary track infection. There is a difference between the two. And most the tome with a bladder infection, there is bacteria involved therefore needing an antibiotic. Hope I could help and Good luck.
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Given the date of your post my information may be of little use. Still: It may be worthy if your situation wasn't diagnosed as major -fever related-etc. From the little information you provided it would almost seem you've wrestled with this before. I've had reasonably good luck with a product called Cystex. It's over the counter and houses two ingredients: A type of aspirin (usually calms the bladder) and a mild antibiotic of sorts. It actually cured mine - giving me relief in only a couple hours. It is also available in generic form now but I would stay with the Brand name. I prefer it as a first defense for non-threatening stuff over the Pyridium (muscle relaxer) which stains just about everything you wear. Plus the Pyridium is not a cure for anything...except maybe cramps. You of course must not be allergic to the ingredients of either. Drinking of course helps win the battle by flushing out bacteria so that's a must. I would stay on anything that 'works' for a couple extra days to make sure you're free of all the worst bacteria whether prescribed or not. The toughest germs die out last-and you don't want them back. Hope this helps.
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Yes drink min. Of 8 glass,s of water-per day for at least 3-days,not bottled water,most of this is "dead water"not city water but good clean well water,also any natural juices you can find-cranberry is good!-this is good practice every day hope this helps-whhandyman'
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No, if you don't get antibiotics soon the infection will spread to your kidneys. I had no symptoms of mine until the infection got to my kidneys and I thought I had pulled something in my lower back on one side. After a week it was so bad I couldn't move. I went to the hospital turns out kidney infection. They were surprised I had no symptoms before that, so be glad you do and can fix it with antibiotics because I had to stay in the hospital for a week.
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Use pure cranberry juice, about $6.00 a bottle, try 2 to 3 bottles over at least 3 days or so. It's very bitter but works great. If you can't handle the bitter taste try putting at least half of it with a non sugar juice. The unimportant thing is drinking as much as you can over 3 days.
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I've had a urinary track infection before, its actually much more severe, you'd defiantly need antibiotics for that.
But if there is not that much pain involved, drink at least 8 glasses of water and a bunch of cranberry juice and that might fix the bladder infection, if not you should go to a doctor, but I would try the water and cranberry juice first.
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I don't have no insurance either, but I would get it taken care of but you can help it by drinking lots of cranberry juice.
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Do not drink cranberry juice that contains sugar, high fructose corn syrup or any other sweetener - only the pure strong stuff usually found in health food stores, not supermarkets.

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