How Can MRSA Infections Be Treated With Out The Use Of Antibiotics?


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MRSA infections or staphylococcus aureus live on the skin of a human being and it can be treated with out using any antibiotics, however only minor skin and soft tissue infections can be cured with out using antibiotics which do not show any signs of danger.

Warm water and compresses can be used for treating minor skin and soft tissue infections. You will need to soak the infected area for a few minutes two or three times a day and continue doing so until and unless the infection does not go away. After this you will need to clean the wound and also change the dressing one time in a day till the wound heals.

A warm cloth or heating pad can also be applied if soaking is not possible by applying the warm cloth to the infected area for a few minutes, two to three times in a day.

However the infected person should first consult a doctor and take his consultation and ask him which soap and to use and also how it should be performed. It would be safe to use disposable gloves and touch the infected areas so that it does not spread in other parts of the body.

Even with incision and drainage the accessible fluid collections are removed with the use of warm water. However this should be done very carefully under supervision. Catheters and other breathing tubes should be removed as soon as possible to avoid any patients from getting infected.

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