What Is The Cure For Urinal Bladder Cancer?


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Is it OK to drink cranberry juice, orange juice, etc. While undergoing BCG treatment for bladder cancer?
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While on BCG treatment my husband started to drink black currant juice. I ordered frozen black currants. I filled our Vita-Mix blender a half a way with frozen black currants, one peeled lemon, honey and  little bit of sugar. It makes an amazing cancer fighter drink. He drinks one glass daily.  No signs of cancer has been seen this far.
My father had also a bladder cancer, and this is what he did. It has been 15years since his cancer and he is consider fully healed.

My husband used to drink large quantities of orange juice before his cancer diagnosis.
So he still drinks it, but not that much.  Of cause he used to smoke, too. He is not smoking any more. According his urologist green tea is also an excellent choice.
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Bladder cancer pertains to any of the various types of malignant growths of the urinary bladder. The bladder is a muscular hollow organ which stores urine in the pelvic region.
Urinary bladder is a disease which manifests by the growth of abnormal cells which multiply without control, in the bladder. Tobacco abuse, exposure to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds like benzidine is responsible for bladder cancers to a vast extent in both the sexes.

The cure for urinary bladder cancer is dependent upon how deep the tumour makes an intrusion into the bladder wall. Tumours which have not yet entered the hollow muscular wall are superficial tumours that can be taken rid off by using an electrocautery device attached to a cystoscope. Immunotherapy in the form of BCG instillation can be used to prevent the superficial tumours from occurring again. Tumours that attack and infiltrate into the bladder have to be operated through "radical surgery." In this a significant part or the entire bladder is removed, through a process known as cystectomy. In some cases, qualified surgeons can create a substitute bladder or a neobladder from a part of intestinal tissue.
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Beside Strarwin's very good answer. Their are natural subtances that will aid in the body fighting the cancer as well. You must include a lot of anti-oxidants into the diet. This means orange,cranberry,grape,raspberry(juice or fruit). Look up something on foods and substance with a large amount of anti-oxidants.
Anti-oxidants is what the cells in our body use to fight cancer causing cells. It makes a big difference in how fast cancer grows the body. It also aids in keeping cancer from reoccuring in treated cases. It also leaves cancer in remission for years even if it is considered terminal. Anti-oxidants helps the body keep cancer cell in check.
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It is important to think carefully about the best treatment option to be administered. Nevertheless, you will be able to weigh the benefits of different treatment options against the possible side effects and risks.(1)

Some of the treatment options for bladder cancer include:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Intravesical therapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Precision medicine

It is also important to have specialized doctors in your team cancer care team before the commencement of any treatment, and these specialists may include are:

  • Radiation oncologists: Doctors who treat cancer with radiation therapy
  • Urologists: On the other hand, urologists are doctors that specialize who treat diseases of the urinary system and male reproductive system
  • Medical oncologists: Lastly, they are doctors who treat cancer with medicines which include chemotherapy and immunotherapy

You might also consider having other specialists alongside your doctors during treatment. These may also include a team of nurse practitioners (NPs), psychologists, physician assistants (Pas), rehabilitation specialists, social workers, nurses, nutrition specialists and other health professionals.


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