Is Inability To Potty Train A Symptom Of Aspergers Syndrome?


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You need to see the child's Doctor first, to rule out other problems.Then after the doctor agrees with this first thougt ask for athe name of a psychiatrist that understands Aspergers. This may be a hard thing, to get the right answer,if the child is too young. But take heart it will be fine to try to help this child now. A lot of good can be done for your child. Also call the school once the child is three, they will help, but be pro active for your child. Call the school department in your state to receive the rules for special Education. Be Pro Active and a loving parent to this child. It will be the best that you can do for this child. I have a son now 18 years old that has Aspergers. He just graduated High School, Straight A's. He is a loving , well behaved young man, working hard at a job, waiting to go to college. There are two places to look for info on Aspergers. Aspergers home page and The National institute of Neurological disorders and stroke. You can Google them and much more. I hope this helps you.

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