How Do I Find Out If My Child Has Aspergers?


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If she is exhibiting symptoms,then you should take her to the doctor,and they will be able to tell you for sure.I don't think it is easy to diagnose for someone who is not a doctor.But,here are some indications-

-Does she have poor social skills?

-Is she stand-offish and unwilling to play with other children?

-Does she prefer to do things in specific patterns?

-Is she really clever at mathes or art or music?

-Is she quite slow at running,and unco-ordinated,and unable to do things such as summersalts and cartwheels?

-Does she complain about certain colours and certain types of food?

If most of these apply to her,then she probably does have aspergeres.But you should take her to the doctor to be sure!!If she does have aspergeres,that is really cool,because it makes her more unique.I have it,and I'm really glad about it!I recommend that if she has it,you still leave her in ordinary school,because then she might learn how to have social skills(thats what happened with me).Complaining about colours and foods may wear off as she grows up(thats what happened with me too).Also,if she does have it,you should probably give her lots of extra affection.Hope this helps!If you want more info,ask on

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