What Causes Swallow Ankles?


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Swollen ankles are normally a sign of some sort of further ankle or foot problem. It is a fairly common symptom and is caused by fluid accumulating in the ankle joint or in the tissue surrounding the ankle. There are a number of reasons why this swelling may have occurred and once you have found out the cause behind any ankle swelling, an effective treatment can be diagnosed.

The most common cause of swollen ankles is direct ankle injury. Breaks or sprains will have some long-term effects on the ankle, it will be swollen as it heals and may be more likely to swell further down the line. Some people find that heat or dampness can cause an ankle that has broken in the past to swell up. Some minor injuries can cause ankles to swell too, simply twisting your ankle can have more of an effect than you think and small stress fractures to the ankle joint can make it swell, too.

Although one of the more uncommon places to get arthritis, sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis or previous ankle injuries could find that the cause of their swelling is arthritis in the ankle. In these cases the ankle will be very painful alongside the swelling.

Circulation problems such as Vascular Obstruction can lead to symptoms such as swollen ankles. Blood clots are the most common form of vascular obstruction and one in the leg can block the blood flow that in turn leads to swelling of the ankle. Often in this case the swelling will also be found in the lower leg. Peripheral Edema is another circulation problem that could cause swelling. Conditions that put pressure on the leg veins, such as being pregnant or obese, can lead to swelling as well as pressure on aging veins.
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Water retention, medications, high blood pressure, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, sitting too long, etc.

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