What Is Difference Between Genital Herpes And Shingles?


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Will Martin answered
Even though the formal name for shingles is Herpes Zoster, it isn't sexually transmitted and is more closely related to chicken pox. You can find a description of the symptoms here.

Genital herpes is caught through sexual contact. The symptoms of this illness can be found here.
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liz stevenson answered
Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted desiese and only appears on the genitals.
Shingles can be caught at any time in your adult life and is very much like chicken pox. It is not caught through sex.
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Though both are caused by a Herpes virus, they are different varieties. Herpes Zoster is the Chicken pox virus, and shingles refers to the form the disease tends to take in adults and can affect any part of the body.
Genital herpes is a bit of a misnomer, as it can affect any mucous membrane, such as the lips or mouth where it causes what we call a "cold sore". Thus people with this herpes should avoid sex and oral sex while they have any trace of the active disease.

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