What Is Echogenic Lesion?


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If something is echogenic, it means that it has the capability to reflect or generate waves of sound.  A lesion has a much broader definition and refers to any sort of oddity or abnormal tissue as a result of disease. Therefore, an echogenic lesion would be any sort of abnormality in human tissue that is able to reflect or generate sound waves.

Primarily these echogenic lesions are discovered through the use of ultrasound scans. Ultrasound scans emit sound waves at a frequency that cannot be heard by the human ear. However - the sound waves could still very well reflect of the lesions and therefore uncover them as echogenic lesions.
There are two forms of echogenic lesions and these are hypoechoic and hyperchoic.

  • Hypochoic lesions

If the lesion is hypochoic, it means that it reflects less sound than the internal organ that it is attached or adjacent to. If the lesion is hyperchoic then it reflects more sound than the internal organ that it is attached or adjacent to.

  • Hyperchoic lesions

If the lesion is hyperchoic, this could mean that it is in fact a tumor. The tumor will only be small and is quite commonly a hemangioma. This is an entirely harmless swelling of blood vessels.

However - it is possible that this lesion could be a cancerous tumor and in which case it would be important to seek further medical attention. We are not a recognized medical authority and would therefore advise that you consult with your doctor or local medical professional if you wish to find out more about this topic.

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