I Have Raised Circular Welts/hives. Is This A Symptom Of Lupus?


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Circular welts or hives can be a sign of Lupus, but it is most likely not. If you have hives like these, it is most likely from an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to any food, it might be a result of that. Sometimes there are ingredients in food that are not obvious, but can cause allergic reactions. For example, many foods are manufactured using peanuts, but the food item won't be peanut flavoured. Allergic reactions to medicine are very common causes of hives. If you have recently taken a new type of medicine, you might be allergic to that. The other possible allergy is to something that is in your environment. There might be something in the fabric you wear that irritates your skin. Also, allergies to animals or plants can cause hives. You can receive an allergy test from a doctor or health clinic if you are concerned about any of these. It is probably best to get an allergy test for future reference and to rule out this possibility.

Lupus is a very serious autoimmune disease. It is also quite rare. If you are concerned you might have lupus (especially if it runs in your family,) you ought to see a specialist. There are blood and questionnaire tests they can perform to determine if you have Lupus, and what type you might have. Lupus can cause hives. The reason for this is that patients with lupus often have the type where their immune system attacks and kills skin cells. This is especially common in patients with Discoid lupus erythematous. Other types of lupus can cause a rash, especially after sun exposure. The good news is that there are several different treatment options for lupus if that happens to be the cause. Benlysta is the newest treatment, and it has shown very promising results.
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The discoid lupus which is the lupus of skin have many symptoms like hives, itching, bumps, swelling etc. Only one symptom can not confirm the lupus. As lupus is an auto immune disorder, this can be diagnosed by different tests. Go for tests for differential diagnosis.
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I have been suffering with hives for 6 months now. Does that mean I have lupus of the skin, though I one point I had terrible pain in my knees,could not even stand or walk. What does that mean

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