I Would Like To See A Picture Of Skin Rashes Or Hives If You Have Lupus?


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I am a 46 y.o. Italian decent women who also was diagnosed last year (2007) with lupus. I have the joint aches and stiffness but I suffer immensely with the rash mainly on my face. The very top of my chest (near my neck) now gets it and my arms too. I was put on plaquenil and given two different topicals to use: Triamcinolone acetonide cream 0.1% and desonide ointment 0.5% both require rx's. I also take rounds of Prednisone when I can't take the rash with itching and pain anymore. The rx's help so maybe you can ask your md for them.

Since there is no cure for this auto immune disorder, we just have to do our best and hang in there. Good Luck to you.
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Have you ever heard of tumid lupus? It is confined to the skin. It itches terribly and can make the areas ache. I've had it for about 6 and 1/2 years and it is finally under control. I take plaquenill and use triaminicolone topical cream. The breakouts can happen anywhere on your body but I mostly have them on my arms, chest and some on my legs. Maybe this will help you.
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Tulane Medical School has identified type A Retro virus in Lupus and three other autoimmune diseases.

Separate lab experiments have isolated immune markers in Lupus that are identical the immune markers found in sever viral infection.

The patterns of dormancy vs. Active cycle mimics the patterns of viral infections.

Unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies have invested millions of dollars into the
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My daughter is 30 years old and she was just diagnosed with lupus. She doesn't seem to have any of the symptoms except for the rash. Can you share a what you can or want about this disease? Thank You Elena
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I have lupus erythematosus , was not diagnosed until 2005. Started as just a regular itching on my back in 1994.

It is the uglies thing that had happened to me. They look ugly, they itch to the point of desperation, they hurt and it seem that nothing is getting them better.

Why do you need this pictures. I don't have any at this moment but I can take some and e-mail them to you.

I'm a female. 50 years old. Hispanic. With history of inmmune system in the family like syrrosis of the liver.

If you want this pictures, please e-mail me [email protected]
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I can't send them from this page. please contact me

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