I Have Really Bad Pain In My Lower Stomach And Back; Is This A Symptom Of Gallbladder Problems?


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It could be if the most of the pain is located more to the right side of your lower to mid abdomen. Irritable bowel syndrome can also cause this. Being that so many things could be causing your pain there, you really need to get it checked or it will get worse. I just have given you only two possibilities. If you start to vomit, run a temp., or have bloody stools, you definitely need to get in.   Please rate my answer
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No, I don't believe it is IBS. I had diarrhea this morning and the pain is more in the middle of the small of my back.
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I have a pulling-like-pain in the lower left side of my back, down into my
buttock and around to the lower part of my abdomen, making it hard at
times to sit and get up.

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