Does Dawn Dish Soap Work To Kill Lice And Eggs?


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The general consensus seems to imply that the myth is in fact true; Dawn dish soap does indeed have the ability to kill lice. Whether this is officially proven or scientifically recommended I cannot be sure. However, there is also much deliberation as to whether the washing up liquid will kill both lice and the eggs that they lay.

Nevertheless, I would still say the best solution to whatever problems you are having with lice would be to receive official treatment and advice from your doctor. This is because they can advise you as to which lice killing product is best to buy to get the job done safely and properly.

Although the idea of using a home remedy may be far more attractive, especially in terms of the cost, I know I would prefer to be sure that the product I am using is getting the job done correctly and safely.

There are numerous lice treatments and ointments available on the market and some of them are probably cheaper than you might think. Paying a visit to you doctor or another medical professional can help you find out what the best choice of ointment is for the people you know who are affected by lice and the eggs.

A lot of the modern treatments are guaranteed not only to kill the lice that are currently living on the scalp, but also whatever eggs that have be deposited on the head also. This will completely eliminate the infestation of lice from the head and hopefully give you a peace of mind knowing that the problem has been taken care of.

Of course, it may be worth a try to use washing up liquid if you are certain that it will not provoke any allergic reactions or other such side effects. But my advice would be to consult the professionals and go with a remedy that has been scientifically proven to work in order to get the best results.
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YES!! It absolutely does kill lice. Put a good dose of it in your hair lather it up from scalp to the end of your hair, leave on for 2 or 3 minutes and rinse completely. You may have to do this every day for the 8 days, and pick eggs out, but it is cheaper and safer than some over the counter lice killer.
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Well, I do know that Dawn dish washing liquid kills lice. But Iv'e never heard of it killing eggs. If your implying lice eggs then yes. Dawn will kill lice and other germs as well.
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If you don't want to use a chemical on your child's head, the most effective treatment that doesn't involve using any products at all simply involves removing the nits and live lice with a lice comb and/or tweezers. This is the method that is advocated by The National Pediculosis Association. It can be time consuming to do this and you may have to repeat the procedure for several days to make sure you get them all, but this is likely the best thing to do. You still have to take the time to comb out all of the nits anyway even if you use an anti-lice shampoo, as these shampoos don't kill the eggs. If you don't, they will just hatch and you will have live lice again. If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cures for the common problems . Then visit  the hundreds of Herbal remedies you get instant of knowledge.

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It does not kill it but it takes the glue that holds the nits to the hair away. If you have a sensative head, the dish soap will leave your hair tangled up. This treatment might have worked when nothing else did.
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No. Only a treatment with pediculicide will kill Head Lice. A second treatment may be needed as they are at times difficult to get rid of. Additionally, all hats, scarves, pillows, etc. Need to be treated or the problem could reoccur.

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