Does Dawn Dish Liquid Kill Head Lice? I Know It Kills Fles


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The high-acid content can pretty kill any of the little suckers, and it’s a good home remedy to use instead of shelling out for the expensive chemist-type options. You just need to wash your hair with it, like you would shampoo rinse it out and then use a lot of conditioner. However, this may get rid of the lice but might not get rid of the eggs.

Rubbing alcohol is also a big help, but be aware that this may affect you adversely if you have a sensitive scalp. (This stuff is used to clean things in hospitals so it should get the job done!). Along with this, you can use Suave coconut conditioner. Make sure that you thoroughly scrub you scalp with the rubbing alcohol and conditioner. If the thought of alcohol isn’t appealing to you, try using the Suave coconut conditioner with Denorex shampoo, it’s cheaper than chemist options, and with regular use (over a week or so) you should see the results!

If you can’t get the Suave Coconut Conditioner, try V05/Pantene conditioner, as it has the same moisture effects and should do the job just as well. Olive oil or baby oil works just as well, but if you use these methods you need to invest in a good nit comb, and be prepared to soak your hair in the solution over night. Finally, to properly kill the lice, you need wash and dry all your linens and clothes that the infected person might have come into contact with - on a high heat, and anything else, just shove in the freezer. This is to kill any lice that may remain. Because you might get rid of them from your hair, but if you don’t cleanse the environment they will keep coming back.
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It may now but using rubbing alcohol will coat the head in alcohol and let it soak for about ten minutes and then use one of the combs and go through hair if didn't kill all the first time do again in a couple of days

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