Does Mouthwash Kill Lice And Nits?


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Yes listerine the original kind does kill head lice. You put it in a spray bottle and leave on for two hours you can add a spray off vinager during the last 30 minutes then was hair with a good shampoo. We use denorex then condition with a coconut conditioner and comb.
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Hi I'm 11 and I have lice my mom said to use Listerine so I did but before  I did I looked it up  and  and it said to soak it then put your hair in a cap or a store bag  and then let it stay on for 2 hours then comb it out then when you wake up wash it out is that true I don't know that is y I'm asking you and trying it out on the same time so is it true?
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Do not do this!! I did this with myself and my children last weekend, and we all still smell like mouthwash! I am spending this weekend trying everything I can to get the smell out.
It worked on the lice, but the remaining smell is not worth it, in my opinion.
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No, it would be kool if it did, but it doesn't!!
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Olive oil in your hair, place a shower cap on. Leave over night or at least 8 hours.  That will do the trick.
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It can work, but the best thing to do is to rub mayonase in your hair and leave it on for about 2 hours and then check your hair. If needed to, you can keep rubbing it with mayonase until the lice are gone.

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