What Is Cheap Way To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On The Face?


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Brown spots are often the result of sun damage. If you apply Vitamin C cream everyday, the brown spots (hyperpigmentation) will fade. You can buy Vitamin C cream at any health food store. I had to do this on my neck, and it worked very well. I hope this helps!
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In my opinion use the tea tree antiseptic oil on the blemish before going to bed. It will dry the impurities out and would not leave a single trace that there was a spot ever.
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It all depends on the type of dark spot, some are birth mark, some developed by aging, and some are developed due to less care. If its birth mark, the best way to get rid of it is using laiser, which is painful and expensive, but its very effective. If its caused by aging, you might need to use some anti-aging products. If its casued by less skin care, you need to use some viamin E prouducts which you can find in Body shop.
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Use tumeric mixed in juices leaked by pennis and apply it you can see results in 2 days
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No-cost solutions includes a paper bag which might have been used previously to carry groceries home. With the removal of two dime sized hole to match each of your eye locations, has been also approved as a sun screen. Invert the normal opening at top position & place over the head till sack rests on both of the shoulders. Decorate as you seem fit, remember have on hand a number of these easy to embellish items to match the varying season or holiday. You look marvelous, you really do!
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Some good multivitamins from somewhere like walmart, I had white and brown spots on my face a few years back and the doc told me it was called pigment discoloration of the skin and it was my body was lacking a balanced amount of vitimins and minerals. It takes a little longer with vitimins but it is a lot cheaper. Good luck on gettin them to go away, mine did but it took a couple of months.
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Good doctor! Most just want to put you on some medication that will cause side effects that will be worse than the original problem. Vitamins are good for alot of things.
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There's this great stuff called bio oil
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Cocoa butter cremes work wonders. Different lines such as Vaseline and Palmers sell it
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Hi there,
Bio Oil is designed for uneven skin tones but it does take some time and persistence to achieve results. Good luck!
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A paste made of garbonzo beans and water. Mix is into a paste like substance and use it twice a day for about 2-3 weeks.

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