How Do I Get Rid Of Scars Caused From A Staph Infection?


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How do I get rid of scars cased from a staph infection?
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I have those same dark spots I think you just have to deal with it. I use hydroquinone but it's not  working fast enough for me.
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I have the reddish scars from it on my arms, for a total of 5 spots and I did not get them until I went back to school. What do I do to get rid of them.
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You need to treat the problems like you do with acne. Get acne treatments and start drinking juices. Here is a link that might you with the scars:
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I started looking for answer for my staph scars on my legs..
There very unsightly.  I did some surfing of the net.. Still doing it when I came across this..
This is what I posted so far.

Scar tissue
Better than vitamin E cream.. mother kept getting infected with golden staph, and she applied 18 UMF active manuka honey to the wounds, and not only did they start healing, but she did not scar. And they were serious, very purply infections. I have seen people lost parts of their finger from golden staph infections.

I then searched for more info on the Manuka honey here Honey

Then I came across
Wescobee Active Jarrah Honey, produced from Western Australia’s unique Jarrah tree in the state’s southwest, has naturally high antibacterial activity*. Jarrah honey has significantly higher activity levels than Manuka honey from New Zealand, which is also strongly antibacterial*. Honey

So I'm looking at trying these on mine.

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