What Is Fatty Liver? Is It Dangerous To Your Health?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
A fatty liver is not good, a change in diet, less fats, fried meats, more fresh greens broiled meat, and yogurt and so on. More fibre as well. You only got one liver, take good care of it. B12 is also excellent in helping restore liver as it converts fat into muscle
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Ritu Parkar answered

Liver plays an important role in metabolism which means liver breakdown the fat and convert it into energy. But if this process doesn’t  takes place properly then these fats gets accumulated on the liver  & the liver becomes fatty. There are many types of fatty liver diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle like alcohol consumption, smoking, eating fast  food, lack of exercise causes the fatty liver diseases. Fatty liver is  dangerous for your health as it can cause liver damage. Fatty liver  can be avoided by maintaining healthy lifestyle and using master health checkup.

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