Can Anyone Tell Me What Happens When A Person's Liver Stops Working? My Brother Has A Bad Liver. The Doctor Told Him Tonight It Was Quiting On Him.


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Sorry to tell you this, and I'm surprised the doctor didn't, unless he has a liver transplant, he is going to pass on.
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Your brother should get evaluated for a possible liver transplant. End-stage liver disease is terminal, but with a liver transplant, his life may be extended indefinitely. Liver transplantation is much safer and more common today than ever before. In 2008, there were around 6000 liver transplants performed in the United States. The percent of people still alive 5 years after a liver transplant is around 65-70%. There are nearly 100 active liver transplant centers in the United States.
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Hi Ky. I am not sure what the Dr meant by that other then the obvious. Does your brother have Hep C?? Is is quitting now, or will it in time if he doesn't change his habits, if he has any. Because if he drinks, it is poison to the liver. Does he have chirrosis? In any case, I am sorry, and i hope he gets better.
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You go throw 4stages  with liver disease  the dr told him and no he can't have a liver transplant
he has a bad heart so I know now thanks for some answers

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