I Have Been Throwing Up Blood Could That Mean I Have An Ulcer?


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shawn n/a answered
An ulcer is a sore (whether bleeding or not in the digestive track. So, if you vomiting blood, then yes you technically have an ulcer. The question is, what color is the blood? If it is a dark red... Even black color, this means you have an ulcer in your stomach that needs immediate medical attention! Could result in abdominal infections and worse! If it is a brighter red (almost the same color as from a finger cut) then it would be a lesion/tear/ulcer in your esophaugus (sp?) caused by your continued heaving. The good news is it is repairable and not considered life threatening, the bad news? Hurts badly. My doctor suggested prilosec and other acid reducers to heal my esophgial ulcer.
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If you are vomiting bright red blood you most likely have a peptic ulcer which requires immediate attention.If the blood resembles coffee grounds it could be a duodenal ulcer which is easier to treat.Just incase-seek medical attention immediately!
PLEASE GO TO YOUR DOCTOR OR A HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY! You could have any number of life threatening conditions. If it is only an ulcer then be glad but SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY AS YOUR LIFE COULD BE IN PERIL!

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