What Cream Can Be Used For Genital Warts At Walmart?


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Aldara is used for genital warts also. Most probably you will find it at walmart.

Read about its description here >>> www.drugs.com

Let me clarify you, that I am not a doctor, neither are any doctors available here to answer your question. Avoid self medication. Better to consult an skin specialist. Most of the time, self medication results in more problems and eventually patient landed up at an specialist.
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Forget the wart cream. Go to: Removethatsucker.com try it risk free! You won't regret it
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This is not a good approach that you apply cream on a genital warts.I highly suggest you that you should try any kind of home remedies to get rid of wart.

Here are the safest way how to get rid of warts, you can get more home remedies to get rid of warts of any kind.

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You can try using wartrol for genital wart relief.

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