Can Stds Be Transmitted Through Sex Toys, Particularly Chlamydia And Genital Warts?


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Yes, STDs can be transmitted through using sex toys if they aren’t cleaned. However, the risk is considered to be generally low but it’s still best to avoid sharing sex toys at all. Chlamydia and genital warts can be spread through the use of infected sex toys between partners, and can be especially harmful because both diseases are difficult to diagnose as there are no external symptoms except some discharge unless one has a checkup with a doctor. Chlamydia and genital warts are among the most commonly transmitted sexual diseases, so it helps to always get a checkup with a doctor if you are sexually active and frequently share sex toys.

If you are aware you have a sexually transmitted disease, you should use condoms on your sex toys if you intend to have sexual activity with your partner. Extra precaution should be taken, such as placing a fresh condom when moving the toy from the anus to the vagina as there are serious bacteria that can cause infections in the vagina. The risk for acquiring a sexually infected disease through the use of sex toys is even higher if one of the persons has a sore or wound which is touched by the unsterilized sex toy. Using a fresh condom for sex that involves toys with a new partner also helps reduce your chances for getting infected.

Body secretions touch sex toys which are why they can transmit STD’s, and the bacteria can linger on these toys for a long period of time. Bacteria can come from sores, wounds, and bodily liquids such as mucus and even blood carry disease around, which is why sex toys should be rinsed properly after and before use.

Soaking sex toys in hydrogen peroxide for 15 minutes is one way of efficiently disinfecting them before use and for storage.
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I contracted chlamydia and used my sex toy after I was treated but I washed it throughly and used the special antimicrobial wipes is that enough?
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I just got a call from the doctor telling me that I have Chlamydia. I have only been with one person in the past year in a half. My question is, I use toys I bought them brand new from on line is there any chance I could have gotten it from the toys?? My husband put it on his life, his moms house and our child that he has never been with another female but I don't know what to think, PLEASE HELP ME!!
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One of my friends used my new sex toy before I did. I was wondering if I use it now if I could possibly catch something from her if she has something. I did wash it repeatly with soap and water.... Is that enough ? Or is it jus no good ?
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Certainly your friends use of you new sex toy first could give you something, that is if she has a STD. But washing your new toy with soap and water should have taken care of it ...
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I've always supposed that people are very careless about the way they choose sex partners, but the research conducted at that site prove that each of two in America is probably infected with a transmitted sexual disease. Gosh, that's disgusting.

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S ex toys must be kept clean, you will find this info if you check any user's guidance. And of course, different diseases, viruses and bacterias can be transmitted by d ildos, v ibrators, s ex rings, etc. (here are best s ex toy reviews by the way). Just remember about hygiene during exploitation and everything will be ok.

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I think this is not the case if you use all the precautions for this. I advise you to buy toys with quality materials. Which will be as safe as possible for your body.Suggest you buy on this store:

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The sexually transmitted diseases can be transfered by the use of contaminated sex toys. Because the pathogens like bacteria, fungus and virus are stuck to these toys along with the discharge and can be transmitted to other if reused.
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Yes they can be transmitted through sex toys SO PLEASE DO NOT SHARE OR LEND YOUR TOYS OUT!! And THOROUGHLY clean your sex toys thoroughly after each use.
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Okay so, if I had chlamydia and used my sex toy then I should likely not use it again without a condom even though I cleaned it right?
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Yes I feel that you can get std's thru using sex toys because std's are transmitted by semen, blood, and bodily fluids. So, if their are any of these present on the sex toys you possibly can be infected. 

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