I Have This Really Weird Feeling In My Throat It Feels Like A Lump And It Wont Go Away Sometimes Its Hard To Swallow What Could This Be?


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Brownlow Cohen Profile
Brownlow Cohen answered
Could be a tumor. I advise you to see a doctor soon. My brother had throat cancer
and it turned out real nasty. Don't mean to scare you. But a stitch in time saves nine.
Tammy Webb Profile
Tammy Webb answered
Do go to the doctor and make sure all is good, and when you find out that you are fine, then go and have chakra balancing done. You may have something on your mind and have to voice it, I know it sounds strange, but trust me it works. If you want to know more about chakra balancing(energy work) you may be able to get info. From some massage therapist. I get the same feeling you are talking about.

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