Can Get Giuliani-barre More The Once?


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From what has been suggested by medical websites, it is possible to relapse after suffering from Guillain-Barre the first time. However - this only occurs in around 10 cases out of every 100.

Guillain-Barre is a particular rare syndrome that takes effect on the nervous system surrounding the spinal cord and the brain. Only around two people out of every 100,000 are diagnosed with the syndrome however it is one of the main reasons for acute paralysis that was not as a result of physical injury or trauma.

The actual cause of the syndrome developing is as a result of our body's immune system reacting to foreign bodies invading. To summarize, it happens like this:

  • When we get sick, foreign bodies like viruses enter our system
  • Our immune system produces antibodies to fight the viruses off
  • The antibodies attack the foreign bodies and kill them
  • The immune system gradually creates many antibodies
  • These antibodies are prepared especially for that disease if it returns

Guillain-Barre disease is caused by the immune system attack the wrong targets. Instead of attacking foreign entities in the body, the antibodies attack the nerve tissues in the body. This then starts to affect the nerves and is the onset of Guillain-Barre disease.

It is also believed that influenza and interestingly enough the influenza vaccine has a way of increasing the chance of Guillain-Barre syndrome developing, as well as increasing the potential of fatality as a result of the disease.

However - we must stress that we are not a medical organization and any more questions you have should be directed at your doctor or another medical professional.

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