Can A Person Get Shingles More Than Once?


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Yes you can get it more than once. I have had it 3x per year for the last 4 yrs. Tried all the anti-viral meds available. Always comes just after I get a cold or have some major stress.
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Most people do not get shingles more than once. However, 1 in 25 can get shingles more than once. Shingles does not recur in the same place or part of the body.
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Yes, you can get shingles at any time in your life, and more than once.  And it really hurts!~
there is a shingles immunization you could see about,  but it is expensive.  My mom got it and says it is worth the money as we witnessed how my grandma suffered for 7 years with the pain, then died.  Mom did not want to go through that.
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Yes, you can get shingles multiple times if you come in contact with someone with them or chickenpox. My mom managed to get them 3 times when she was in her 30's. They are actually caused by the same virus as the chickenpox. Chickenpox usually only happen to someone once in your lifetime, because when you get the virus your body builds up antibodies to the virus. Next time you get the virus in you the antibodies recognise the virus and attack it to kill it. The pain in shingles is caused, because the virus attacks the nerves around where it is located.
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Until just a few years ago, doctors thought that a person could only get one outbreak of shingles in a lifetime.  Now, however, it has been shown that it is possible to get multiple outbreaks of these painful lesions.
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Unfortunately, yes, it is possible to get shingles (Herpes Zoster) more than once.  Some people are plagued with them many times during their lifetime.
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Can a pregnant woman get shingles if she had the chicken pox as a child? Can her unborn infant be affected, how?
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I have had shingles since last year; and they continue, in spite of anti-virals.  Any further input on this would be appreciated!

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