My Jaw Pops(cracks)what Is It And What Treatment Is There?


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helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
This is the same as any other joint popping - either the noise comes from the joint itself, or one of the surrounding tendons or ligaments. It indicates that something is slightly out of alignment and could eventually make the joint prone to arthritis.
Arthritis in the jaw is no fun, I would ask a dentist to check the alignment of your jaws - there is plenty that could be done to correct it.
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Amanda Weller answered
There is a disorder of the jaw called TMJ that causes your jaw to pop.TMJ stands for temporary mandibular jaw disfunction and this can cause your jaw to pop out on one or both sides and then to pop itself back in. If you are diagnosed with this disease then seeing a chiropractor can be helpful. He can pop the jaw into place if it doesn't go in by itself. He can also advice you about any braces that you may need to buy to help make your bite more even.
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john rhoades answered
Mine does too because of the loss of teeth causing an imbalance in the jaw muscles,and when hit the wrong way its quite painful.maxillofacial surgery is an option.

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