What Is Impiema?


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The human body and immune system is as unique as the anatomy itself. The internal organs of the body perform a myriad of different complex functions and are part of the system. The internal organs, unlike the external ones are most susceptible to infection from outside sources. However, it is a common observation that any malfunctioning or infection within an internal organ results an unavoidable system breakdown. This is exactly what happens when the delicate lungs are afflicted.

The lungs regulate the flow of vital oxygen within the blood stream. This regulation takes place via the inhalation and exhalation of oxygen from the air outside. The organ is like a balloon that inflates and contacts with every inhalation and exhalation. The pleura is a thin membrane, serous in nature that surrounds the lungs and inner walls of the organ. When the membrane is afflicted by an infection it develops pus pockets on the pleura and this condition is referred to as impiema. This results in a lot of discomfort especially while breathing and needs to be treated with oral medication, basically antibiotics. The condition worsens as the pus pockets within mature before they disappear totally. Nevertheless, impiema is completely curable.

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