Can You Die From Mrsa, Sister Has A Severe Case And Has Affected Organs Already?


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If her sugar will not be controlled (110 at least) her organs will suffer more - the longer the blood sugar control not happening, the shorter her life is going to be.

When the sugar is controlled - her body will have the chance to heal itself and with the correct medicines (medicines that will not react to each other - another thing to think about) complications will be diminished. My rule of thumb is, take medications at least 1 hour apart from each other so that they can do it's function without any interruption from other medication.

Give her only soup (if she is very weak and can't chew food) No food with flour or carbohydrates - just salad. This is to decrease her sugar. Always check her blood sugar level to avoid hypo or low blood sugar and if she have - this is when you will give her carbohydrate and this is the only time she will have to enjoy the bread (1 slice only), and rice( 2 tbl spoon only). Not candy because there's no nutrition (only sugar) on candies.

Check her sugar every 2 hours so to be careful - if it's high- over 150 - it is not very dangerous. But over 200 is a bit to think about.
Don't panic! Don't wait for the nurse to come to check for blood sugar. Don't wait for the nurse to say what to do. Yes, your sister is in danger. It's on you to watch over her. The most important is to make her sugar go down to at least 150 - then maintenance is when she can do it herself. But for right now - be that your goal for her. Please post again and/or shout at me. Thanks. I went to a very hard time and I almost lost my life but quick thinking on my part saved me. I am also a diabetic person.
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Very sadly MRSA can be life threatening.
But only in severe forms , there are different strenghts of MRSA , if the hospital have let her come home they mustn't be that worried about her ,

If you email a nurse on NHSdiresct they can give you more information.

Keep your chin up I'm sure she'll be fine
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I have mrsastaphylococcus aureus can I die from it and what are the dying symptoms,david j. Oneal

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